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Masterchef Datuk Kenny Chan

NyonyaMasterchef Datuk Kenny Chan is a 7th generation true-blue Baba who spent his earlier years sharing the Peranakan way of life through his TV series, Baba dan Nyonya, over on TV1. With over 509 episodes under his belt, Baba dan Nyonya has earned him a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records with the Longest Running Sitcom Award. However, it has always been his dream to share his passion in Peranakan cuisine with as many people as possible.

Masterchef Datuk Kenny Chan inherited his Peranakan cooking skills from his late grandmother and has been sharing his passion for cooking for many years. His love for the Nyonya cuisine has also led him to initiate the first ever Nyonya Restaurant in Malacca in the early 80’s and held Peranakan Food Promotions at Goodwood Park Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Concorde Hotel and Pinetree Club, Singapore besides appearing on a cook-show in Singapore – The cook, his food and the dishy Nyonyas. Back home in Malaysia, he helped co-produce webseries of cookshow together with a keen, young Baba, Quachee – The Big Bibik and the Little Nyonyas was born.

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Masterchef Datuk Kenny was also the first guest Masterchef in the first ever Masterchef recorded in Malaysia and he is proud to represent Melaka & Malaysia in Masterchef Indonesia. On top of that, he and his lovechild, Big Nyonya Restaurant, has been featured in the various TV food shows such as Warong Kita (TV1), Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (TV3), Best in the World (Astro Awani) and Ride & Seek (History Channel). Besides that, Masterchef Datuk Kenny shares his passion for Nyonya cuisine with students, locals and expatriates, bringing them on a Nyonya cooking experience, through hands-on cooking demonstrations. Every year, students from Singapore meet him to learn about Nyonya food preparation while locals and expatriates have also benefited through exclusively organised cooking classes.


Spreading the love of his food & culture has become a mission of sorts to Masterchef Datuk Kenny. Thus, he hopes his sharing will be able to benefit, not only the learners, but also for the continuance of his beautiful Peranakan culture.

The Peranakan Story

The Peranakans are descendants of 15th & 16th century traders and merchants from China who intermarried with the local and Indonesian women. Their Sino-indigenous unions along the Straits Settlement produced a community blessed with a rich hybrid of Chinese and Malay traditions, with a touch of English and Indonesian influence. They address themselves as BabaNyonya; Baba being the term for men while Nyonya for women; an elderly lady, usually the Matriach, is called Bibik.

Their unique blend of Chinese-Malay culture has also strongly influenced their culinary traditions, made with a range of indigenous herbs and spices that add more flavor, aroma, and texture to every dish.

To truly appreciate their unique heritage, enjoy their popular & authentic cuisine at Big Nyonya Restaurant, Melaka.

Bibik in Ride & Seek


Peranakan Food Promotions @ Crowne Plaza, Singapore




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